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Vicinity is an existing American Express product that allows Corporate cardmembers to find Amex accepting merchants within their Vicinity. My team (My Sr. and I) were tapped to help Product Ownership review existing data and user research on the existing site to try to discern which user goals we weren't meeting and how we could drive better traffic to the site.

We came up with an idea to do some A/B testing based on the hypothesis that we could bring more value to the landing page by aggregating some popular spend categories. We assumed that doing so would teach the user how to efficiently use Vicinity for corporate spend purposes.

Our testing with users revealed that some users did find some instructional value in the landing page and aggregating popular use cases as categories, as we hypothesized. We decided ultimately to incorporate an element of the aggregation directly in the map screens.


At this point in the project, the Sr. Designer that I partnered with left the company so I acted as lead and worked with Product Ownership to refine the redesign. Click below to access a pdf of the redesigned pages.


After reevaluating our research, one thing was clear, Vicinity didn't need a redesign, it needed to address real Corporate Cardmember and Program Administrator problems.

I and my design colleague and PO concluded that we should shore up loose ends on the existing page and perhaps add some features to address immediate issues if possible.

A few changes that we suggested and tested with users, like not hiding the search bar in a drop down, and supporting more B2B transations by adding an Office or Business supplies category were ultimately implemented.